When I was around 10 years old, I watched my older sister take her old clothes and transform them into more elevated styles at the time. She used my mom’s sewing machine which made me realize how much potential a sewing machine has because I was always fascinated by the outcome. I learned more about design studies as a student in the pre-college program called PEOPLE, which introduced me to all different aspects of design. I entered college knowing exactly what I wanted to do.

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What has been your proudest moment or a time you were particularly excited about one of your designs?

I am most proud of my senior thesis. All of the skills I’ve acquired along the way was for this collection. I was able to explore draping more in-depth and how I can play with fabric to create pleat manipulations.

Where do you gather your inspiration?

My inspirations come from different cultures that I’ve explored including my own; it just really depends on what I’m working on. I take elements of that culture and reinterpret them into a more modern design


What do you aspire to do after college?

I would love to start a global artisans organization and work with Hmong women from Thailand. 

My goal is to preserve Hmong textiles, and I also want to help a particular group of women who are marginalized in their community. I am passionate about combating gender-based violence. Ihave seen the hardships they face, and I hope to alleviate their uncertainties.


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