TFD Toile by Josie Madden
Designed by Alexa Thompson
Designed by Anna Villalon


Textile and Fashion Design (TFD) is a studio-based program with highly specialized areas, such as weaving and off-loom construction, papermaking, print and dye, patternmaking, and apparel design. It is a unique hybridized program offered only at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Our award-winning students are superb craftspeople engaged in addressing real-world problems and offering sustainable solutions. TFD students have the option to apply to spend their senior year at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. Experience at FIT provides students with industry-specific skills, which, paired with their creative liberal arts background, makes our graduates highly desirable and often recruited by industry leaders. 

The Textile and Fashion Design major includes aspects of art, design, and technology within a curriculum intended to develop creativity and problem-solving skills. Graduates may become designers for industry, theatre, film, independent artists, and entrepreneurs, or choose to continue their education in a graduate program. In addition to the industry experience offered at FIT, students have developed projects that focus on environmental, economic, and societal sustainability as well as non-traditional entrepreneurship.

#MakeWeavingSexyAgain by Caitlyn Beczkiewicz
TFD Toile by Josie Madden