Sherly Fan: Getting to Know SoHE’s International Student Designers 

By Campbell Fauber

Recently, the Threads: React team has been in touch with some of SoHE’s international students to learn more about their experiences studying at UW-Madison. We sent out a survey and received answers to a handful of open-ended questions relating to their major, design work, life as an international student, and what they are doing to adapt to life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our next response came from Sherly (Danqiong) Fan, a former SoHe Textiles & Fashion Design (TFD) student. She lived in NYC for a year after graduating from UW & FIT in 2018 and is currently back home in Wuhan, China.

Photo: (Apparel X Textile) 


How long have you been studying at UW?

Three and a half years. 

*Sherly graduated from UW/FIT in 2018.*

What made you want to come to the U.S. as a foreign exchange student?

I want to experience different cultures.

What was the most surprising to you once you got here?

Cheese curds are so popular here.

What do you miss most from back home?

Mainly my parents and the food.







Photo: (Brave New World)


How has it been coping with all of the current events while so far from home?

I was super lucky to be home at the beginning of this year. But I was very anxious and worried when COVID started in Wuhan while I was in New York. It’s such a weird year but I think it gives everyone a break from “keep moving forward”. People can finally stop to think about what’s happening and maybe it can be a new beginning for a better era.

Tell us about your design work. What is it like? What inspires you?

My work mainly focuses on self-expression. I like to explore shapes and forms to reveal inner insecurity feelings as well as my cultural backgrounds.

Photo: Exposed (Central Saint Martins Summer – Advanced Fashion Design)

If you could wave a magic wand and have your wildest dream come true, what would you be doing in 5 years?

I really have no idea for now. I think one of the most magical things about life is you never know what will really happen. I want to live the moment and treasure what I have now.

Photo: (Apparel X Textile)

Interested in learning more about Sherly and her design work? Check out her website here and her Instagram here to view her past fashion design collections and most recent projects.