On the right side, two people hold criss-crossing red strings between them. A blue sky with clouds is in the background. The words, Antidote On the Mend Design & Fashion Event are on the left.

2021’s show below!

What's New

Student Online Exhibitions

Take a deeper look into the minds of 2021’s Reality? Student Designers. Learn what techniques, processes, and outside factors influenced their collections.

2021 Threads: Reality?

This year, reality has changed for all of us. We are physically distant but globally connected. We spend most of our time at home with our families. We see friends and grandparents on zoom. These changes have permeated everything.

What Is Reality? An Interview With Dr. Charles Raison

As part of Threads 2021: Reality, Design and Fashion Event, the student team talks to Dr. Charles Raison about the nature of reality.

Textile & Fashion Design 2020 Fall Virtual Showcase

The Textile and Fashion Design (TFD) Fall Showcase features the work of upper-level TFD undergraduates. Watch the Showcase by clicking the link below or on our Facebook page.

Threads of Hope Community Mural

Bound together as a collective voice, these individual squares become united in a chorus of connection. Though there are different expressions among the individual compositions, “Threads of Hope” offers a unified message of student reflections.