DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Caitlyn Beczkiewicz

Hi I’m Caitlyn!

I have always wanted to be a fashion designer since I was in 3rd grade. My mom and I had started watching Project Runway, and I loved the idea of making clothes for a living. In high school, I took a fibers class and learned how to crochet and dye fabrics. I fell in love with both textiles and apparel so my senior year I took AP studio and focused my second semester on creating apparel out of unconventional materials.

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What would you say differentiates your designs from other designers?

I’d say incorporating handwoven material in my apparel is something that differentiates me. I didn’t want to make a traditional plain-woven fabric, so I created a vibrant and thick undulating twill. I also hand dye a lot of my pieces, so they are unique to me.

Was there a designer or artist who inspired you most to become an artist-designer yourself?

Christy Matson, London Kaye, and Olek are all textile artists that inspire me. Christy Matson uses weaving, and London and Olek use crochet to create works of art. As much as I love designing fashion, I’d love to eventually become an artist and would like to see my work in museums.

What has been your proudest moment or a time you were particularly excited about one of your designs?

My proudest moment was the Threads show last year. My mini collection was the opening of the show, and I created these awesome space-themed looks that glowed in the dark. It was the first time I really loved what I created.

Where do you gather your inspiration?

I gather most of my inspiration from the earth, space, and music. I’m fascinated with nature and outer space and like to ponder their differences and similarities in my work. Music is my #1 inspiration and a song by Travis Scott inspired my mini collection last year. It helps me reach a different level of creativity, and I love all types of music; from rap to indie to reggaeton.

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