Threads Design & Fashion Event is looking for stories happening in our community for this year’s virtual 2021 Threads: Reality? Which will be presented as an outdoor socially distant large-scale projection on April 30th and May 1st at the Garver Feed Mill from 8:30 PM -10:00 PM.   

We are looking for additional student work related to:

  • Technology (i.ed Clo 3D, virtual learning) 
  • Social issues through art and design
  • Work related to the Covid pandemic 
  • Senior Thesis
  • Dealing with lack of studio space (either successes or difficulties. How did you do x & y if you didn’t have z).



This call is open to any textile or fashion work produced after Jan. ‘21  as part of any DS class or independent study that fits the narrative of the themes listed above.  Work needs to have been completed after Jan. ‘21 and not shown previously in Threads. 


Note: if your work was juried into the show last year but you were not able to complete the work because of COVID, it is eligible for this year.



You can submit as many photos and videos as you like. 

An outside jury will select a limited number of pieces/stories to be included with this year’s show.

Selections will be made based on:

  • Quality of the work
  • Quality of photos 
  • Connection to the themes listed above.

The work selected through the jury will be part of the projection of Threads Design and Fashion Event at the Garver.  The video will also be available on the Threads website.


Please Note:  The Threads team will have the right to edit, trim, adjust and crop photos, videos, and audio to fit the theme, format, time, and technical limitations of the final video.

Threads: Reality? will be working with a Video Editor to create an on-line and socially distant performance that will be presented as an event during the week of April 30th online and projected outside at the Garver Feed Mill.  We want to hear your stories and what your reality has been like. Make sure to read all the information on this page to learn how to participate! 

Jury Deadline: April 7th


  1. Fill out one designer form with your information: 
  2. Fill out one piece form for each look or piece you submit: 
  3. Label your images & videos you are uploading with your Last Name and a description of the piece of work (e.g. KallenbornBlackDress1.jpeg, KallenbornBlackDress2.jpeg)
  4. Create a new folder labeled with your First and Last Name: Located Here
  5. Upload any images, videos, or audio recordings that showcase your work! UPLOAD YOUR WORK HERE


We encourage you to put content up as soon as possible but you can continue adding photos and videos through Wednesday, April 7th.


  • We encourage you to upload many images and videos of your garments to provide the video DJ with creative options for sequencing them in time to the music.
  • A combination of videos and still images will represent your work most impactfully.
  • Try your best to create clean compositions free of potential distractions in your environment such as bold or bright colors, shapes, images, graphics and other elements that may draw the audience’s attention away from your garment. Ideally, everything in the frame will reinforce the aesthetic intentions of your piece.
  • it is important to capture your garment from a variety of scales. Full shots will provide a holistic sense of the garment and emphasize its shape. Detail shots will allow you to highlight segments of your garment, the texture of the material, and the intricacies of patterning.
  • Keep in mind that images on-line are seen on a computer screen- horizontal (landscape) images will fill the screen better than vertical (portrait) images
  • We encourage you to go in and look at other TFD students’ photo submissions. While we would normally not encourage you to copy others’ background or style, in this particular case, having multiple designers use a similar style, background or movement can help create a performance that is more cohesive. So, feel feel to copy each other’s styles and settings.  


We do have some capacity to do video and sound editing. So send us what you can and we will look for ways to pull it together. We will try to include as much of your material as possible but may have to do some editing/cropping for length or consistency.

  1. Photos and .JPG Images
  2. Video
  3. Audio