We would love to document how all of you have been reacting to unpredictable times, as well as learn a glimpse about your life, where you work, and what inspires you. 



Cameras on most phones take really great videos – so just go for it! Newer phones allow you to shoot in slow motion!

  • You don’t have to send an edited version, just raw footage would be great.  
  • Multiple videos with different angles, poses, etc of the same piece would be good. The Video DJ can choose which shots would look best.
  • Video is particularly suited to movement, which can be created by moving the garment, the camera, or both
  • How can you activate your garment? Does the fabric or garment move in a particular way? Can you swirl in it? Or put a hand in a pocket? zip or button it?
  • Or you can keep the piece stationary and move the camera (pan from left to right,, or top to bottom – move from closer to far away, video while you drastically change the lighting from shadow to light) Samples of these kinds of video shots can be seen at HERE 
  • A video of you working or sewing or stitching would be amazing – both a close-up and one full shot
  • If you have enough room, we encourage you record a “runway” walk in which a model walks from background to foreground and then back again. This will help recreate the feel of a fashion show. These shots might be easier to record in portrait mode rather than landscape mode depending on the dimensions of the available space. 
  • If you have not done many videos before, this VIDEO has some really helpful guidelines. 
  • Contact Aaron Granat (, a professional videographer and UW instructor, if you need advice on how to get the most out of your camera phone or other camera technology, or how to stage and frame your work so it looks good.


  • Does your piece move in an interesting way?  Can you film it in movement or as it transforms from one to another?
  • a video of where/how you work. Would be interesting to see how you have to cut out a pair of pants on the bathroom floor because that is the only space in your apartment that is big enough
  • Do you sit by the window and stitch for hours?
  • Can you do a time lapse of making a piece?
  • Did you make your garment form recycled clothes? Is there any way to show that story in video form
  • Stop motion inspirational VIDEO


Please watch these short videos with how-to tips before you record your own video or audio!