The first time I watched a fashion show, I was 13. I was thrilled when I saw those amazing pieces on the runway. I became so obsessed with this industry that I started to learn fashion illustration by myself. That’s when I decided to be a fashion designer in the future. I am glad I had the chance to study at the School of Human Ecology and gain professional education of fashion design and opportunities to show my works, which allow me to be more prepared for this fascinating industry.

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What would you say differentiates your designs from other designers?

I am always obsessed with classics while being interested in innovative materials. The biggest feature of my designs is to translate classics in a new way.

What has been your proudest moment or a time you were particularly excited about one of your designs?

My proudest moment would be the time when I finished my first evening wear design. I was always interested in and love Haute Couture. Therefore, finishing that piece made me feel that I was getting closer to my dream.

Favorite quote?

I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.

—Ralph Lauren