I am a fashion designer from the southside of Chicago. I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Textile and Fashion Design. In the fall, I will be attending Parsons the New School of Design in Paris where I will be getting a Master’s in Fashion Studies. I got started off in fashion after taking an Art History of Propaganda class in high school. This class exposed me to the intersections between art, fashion, history, society, and politics. After this, I started sketching outfits that I would see her friends and other people in. However, I had yet to discover my own aesthetic. After the art history class, I began to recognize the power of using fashion as a means to make a statement.  

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Where do you gather your inspiration?
I find inspiration by looking at the world around me. More often than not, I am responding to culture, to history, and to blackness. However, a common thread of inspiration comes from looking at old family pictures. Most recently, hip hop and Adinkra – a traditional west African printing process – have been my greatest sources of inspiration.