I am a color-loving and energetic fashion design student from New York. My passion for designing, playing with fabrics and color dates back to when I was the little girl in the closet who used to tie my grandmother’s silk scarves into dresses. I have always had a drive to be creative and physically create things. My biggest drive to design is the joy that sparks across people’s faces when they are wearing something they love.

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What would you say differentiates your designs from other designers?

What differentiates my designs from others is how I inject my joy, vibrant energy & playful mind into designs that are exuberant in color & make a statement!


What is the one idea that you want to impart to everyone in the world or impact you’d like to leave as a  legacy?

One thing I would like to leave as my legacy is the need for happiness: we have taken the world, and especially the fashion industry, I think everyone has forgotten that at the core of it is doing what makes us happy & makes us smile. I hope I can do that with the clothes I design.


What are you reacting to?

I react mostly to striking color combinations. I always get a kick out of placing unexpected colors & fabrics together that catch the eye. I think striking colors bring life to garments.


What do you aspire to do after college?

After college—aka now lol—I aspire to get my feet on the ground running in a position that will let me learn, be creative, grow my network, and gather experience. This may come in any job form—I am not picky, as long as I am growing as a creative individual and walking away from the experience a little wiser & happier.


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