Current Designers: Samuel Gold

Meet Samuel Gold


Major: Textile and Fashion Design: Textile Focus

Intended Graduation Year: 2022

About Samuel:

I am a junior majoring in Textiles and Fashion Design at UW-Madison. I have always been interested in designing patterns and drawing since I was young and have taken courses on computer generated Textile Pattern design, off-loom construction techniques, and weaving where I try to improve my skills as well as create unique designs based on research. I am more focused on the Textile Design side of my major because I am specifically interested about the print that is on clothing.

Career Aspirations

I would like to get an internship that focuses on Textile Print Pattern Design and would like to get a career focusing on that field where I can create patterns that people can wear. It is important to me to be able to apply my drawing and design skill set to functional design that people can use in their daily life.

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